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As we are in the travel industry, we have had the opportunity to travel to a great many locations in the world. We have always called Canada our home but over the years we have all lived in a large number of different parts of Canada from the very Eastern Provinces to Vancouver Island and used those areas as our home base from which we were able to experience a great many places. When it came time to settle, it was clear that the West Coast of Canada offers the best of all the possible scenarios from political atmosphere to the weather, it is the very best option by far.

Vancouver is Beautiful

Vancouver has everything you could ever want in a metropolitan centre. There is no where else in the world where you could literally wake up, go skiing in the morning on one of the beautiful North Shore Mountains, have lunch downtown, head to one of the many beautiful beaches and go for a quick paddle or swim and then finish the afternoon with a round of golf. The beauty of Vancouver and it's surroundings makes it the ideal place for a great many things from adventure tourism, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, surfing, fishing, whale watching, skiing, golfing, boating, swimming and more. Added to all of this, Vancouver BC is one of Canada's largest cities and is the largest on the West Coast making it a very exciting urban centre with everything you might come to expect including world class shopping, museums, sights, attractions and events.

Many Wonderful Neighbourhoods

One of the many wonderful things about Vancouver are the diverse neighbourhoods to choose from when visiting and staying. Vancouver has an area for everything and everyone from North America's second oldest China Town, second only to San Francisco, to the Punjabi Market where you can find an excellent selection of every kind of Indian ware from Saris to food. There are also some really hip areas, like Yaletown bordered by downtown and Rogers Arena and the ocean of False Creek, full of craft breweries and restaurants and high end condo developments, Yaletown has a really great vibe for the young and old alike. Like the West End of downtown with it's shopping district along Robson Street and the beautiful beaches of English Bay, the West End is also the centre of the LGBTA friendly vibe of Vancouver. There are also the communities of North and West Vancouver where many of the most spectacular homes and neighbourhoods are located. There is something for even the most descending person to be found in West Vancouver.

Vancouver Weather

Weather in Vancouver is the most kind and temperate in Canada and even in the world. Vancouver Island, just off the coast of Vancouver, is mostly made up of temperate rainforest. This, by definition, is the most temperate climate in the world. While it does rain a fair bit in winter, we almost never get snow, years will go by without any significant accumulations at lower levels but in the mountains, where the skiing and snowboarding happens, accumulation is measured in feet, sometimes reaching 3 digits! Summer is dry and very pleasant. It is not too hot very often and even when it is, a quick walk down to the ocean is enough to cool you off. Vancouver definitely has it's climate as one of it's strongest positive attributes.

Vancouver's Atmosphere

While Vancouver is a large city and has many of the issues you would expect to find in a large city, Vancouver is also a place for families, for nightlife and for meeting happy people. There are some areas of Vancouver that should be avoided but in general the city is very safe, very clean and the people are very friendly and hospitable. You do need to behave accordingly as you would in any large city, hide your valuables in your car and lock the doors for instance, but the level of crime in Vancouver is very low and it is easy to remain safe at all times of the day and night.

Find what you are looking for on your next visit to British Columbia. Find it in Vancouver BC.

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